Apart from key initiatives of Members networking & interaction with Government, SMMMA provides wide spectrum of services to its members with central goal of enhancing commercial & technical competence along with meeting social responsibilities.

Consulting & Professional Services

Promoting competitiveness of Indian industry to High-class levels has been given pre-eminence in SMMMA mission statement. Thus, SMMMA delivers a vast range of consultative and professional services through approved agencies to its members & provides consultancy and professional services, such as TPM, TQM, Environmental Pollution, Six Sigma, Safety, QMS & HR etc. Other areas are continually added as per the demand of members.

Conferences, Seminar & Training Programmes

Conferences and seminars provide a reputed platform for interaction of various stakeholders across diverse fields. Addressed by Government, experts, industry, and global participants, conferences and seminars enable expression of different viewpoints and help build greater understanding of issues. The outcome-oriented structure brings out solutions and recommendations for the way forward on these issues. The conferences and seminars also serve to consolidate industry opinions and make key recommendations on issues. Apart from engaging government and business on a common platform, they facilitate networking and are a great place to meet new people in your field.

Competitiveness of a business organization is only as good as the capabilities of its people. SMMMA helps members to build capacity of management and workers through its diverse range of training programs. A series of training programs and workshops is continually on the calendar, includes training of auditors, strategic quality management, standards and production management, quality and safety, etc.

Skill Development is a core SMMMA's preoccupation. SMMMA partners with state governments in the modernization and up-gradation of Industrial Training Institutes, matching skills to industry needs. The Skill Development Initiative has also undertaken the task of making India a skills capital for the world and organizes short modules in various professions for rural populations across the country.

Trade Fairs & Exhibitions

The trade fairs are geared towards both large and small enterprises. Most exhibitions include a dedicated platform for small and medium units, providing them with a high visibility on the industrial platform. Trade fairs serve to bring Members products to Market's attention and help to establish networks vital to Members marketing and expansion.

Award & Recognition

Good performance can be stimulated through recognition in the form of awards and events. Such recognition is also a key factor in promoting awareness. Exemplary Industrialist & their employees are recognized & their work is appreciated pertaining to their Innovation, Ideas & work efficiency & performance.


SMMMA - publishes resources include a number of newsletters, magazines, are sent to members as e-publications, either freely or on subscription. These include the Economic Policy update and Economic Scanner besides the regular newsletters of different departments such as Manufacturing, SME, Trade, Quality, Corporate Social Responsibility, etc.

The SMMMA publications keep members up to date with the happenings and developments in key sectors of the economy according to your own particular interests.

Corporate Social Responsibility

As an industry association that engages deeply with society at large, SMMMA work extends to assisting members in meeting their social development aspirations. Corporate Social Responsibility is now evolving into a central area of concern for companies that wish to give back to society and share their rewards. It is a proven fact that companies with greater social engagement deliver higher value to their stakeholders.

SMMMA associates with Government, & NGOs, and civil society to help industry develop effective programs for social development. It provides a number of platforms through which members can engage on different issues, such as gender equality, microfinance, development of backward districts, HIV/AIDS, Tree Plantation, Blood Donation, public health, etc. It sets up programs for members, help in finding credible destinations for their donations, or provide advice and consultancy in social development.